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Excavator Tracks

CATERPILLAR 349EL 2013 Excavator Tracks

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Caterpillar 349EL, Sold new in 2013, E-rops cab with airconditioning, 6 cylinder turbocharged Cat C13 engine with 396HP (295kW), Tier 4 Interim, EPA, mono boom, GP bucket with teeth, bucket width 1.75mtr. Undercarriage on average 75% remaining, 900mm pads, full set of track guards, rear view camera, work lights. Machine has new paint, comes straight out of work and is in good and clean condition. Inspections are welcome. Available for sale or rent, subject to terms and conditions.

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CATERPILLAR 349EL 2013 Excavator TracksDelta Machinery Netherlands

This machine has been sold.

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